Pillow Talk

Body Image Entanglement

August 11, 2021 Coach Flo Season 1 Episode 7
Pillow Talk
Body Image Entanglement
Show Notes

What do you look like? Are you attractive? Do you have influence?  Body image is the mental representation an individual creates of themselves.

According to Psychology Today, body image may or may not relate to how one actually appears. It is subject to many distortions. The attitudes of one's parents, other early experiences, and internal elements like emotions or moods are the most common body image influencers.

Having dissatisfaction over a slight or undetectable defect in appearance is called body dysmorphic disorder. It is a severe obsession. The flaw influences the mind- causing it to dictate the way someone thinks, feels, or acts about life in general.
Zeroing in on a specific area like the nose, breasts, or arms is common. In reality, the perceived flaw is not noticeable to others. People who suffer from severe levels of body dysmorphia obsesses over a flaw until it creates dysfunction.

In this episode, we define body image. A discussion of what others may think about personal appearance is analyzed. Listeners are given suggestions for accepting, improving, and respecting their body image.

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